Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mulu National Park- Day 3

We woke up to the sound of birds chirping early that morning. One of my friend, even took out her binoculars to have a closer look at the birds from her bed, which was next to the window.

However, we've decided to explore the grounds of the national park, right after breakfast. Armed with cameras, a pair of binoculars each and water containers, we headed towards the path that lead us to Lang and Deer Caves.

It didn't take us long to stumble upon something that perked our interest. Being in a place, as rich in biodiversity as Mulu, a good pair of eyes and ears are the prerequisite. We heard different sounds of bird calls and was quite fortunate to catch a glimpse of a few species perched high up on the trees, thanks to the binoculars that we brought along.

A species of dragon fly that we came across along the way. It was quite a challenge trying to get a photo of this fellow as he kept flying off.

Another find in the treasure troves

  • Canopy Walk
We decided to try attempt the canopy walk in the afternoon. Comparatively, the one in Mulu National Park is better than the one they had in Taman Negara in Pahang; due to the high density of tall trees in the park. Hence, you get to enjoy the view of the tree tops every where you turn but this may pose quite a challenge for someone who has acrophobia or fear of heights like yours truly. I did feel my knees growing weak initially but found myself getting used to the height as I walked further on the suspension bridge.

There are several suspended bridge like this in the canopy walk, where only two people are allowed to be on it at each time.

There are also small and big stations, where visitors can stop and enjoy the breathtaking view of the rain forest (for the faint-hearted, you can tell you knees to stop shaking and continue with the journey). There are also several information boards on the floras found during the journey.

There's no way out but down.

The final leg of the journey; the lowest of all the suspension bridge.

One of the biggest trees we've encountered along our way to the canopy walkway. The trunk width is even bigger than the four of us combined.

Make sure you try Laksa Mulu. If you have a strong liking to spicy food, this is something you should try. It has a thinner gravy compared to Laksa Sarawak and it's more spicy, but tasty all the same.

Need a sugar fix: Try ice-cream with barbecued banana.

My first encounter of rain in the rainforest.

Our plan to follow the group for a night walk was cancelled, when it suddenly started raining as soon as the sun set. Thus, right after dinner we spent the our last night in Mulu playing scrabble and checkers and getting to know some of the fellow tourists that hung around in the cafeteria.

Since night activity was cancelled because of the heavy rain, we've decided to entertain ourselves by playing checkers and scrabble.

My chronicle will continue with our last day in Mulu in my next entry. Till then, I wish everyone a great and productive week ahead.